Our Staff

Patricia Tribou BS, PTA, CCRP

Patricia Tribou, proud owner of The Canine Joint (founded in 2010) , received her BS at Springfield College to teach Physical Education in 1984 before attending Newbury College and received an Associated degree in Physical Therapy in 1996. Patti specialized in CVA (strokes), amputation and Geriatric PT.

Patti’s love for animals, and her passion to help them, led her in a search to find ways that she could use her talents as a Human Therapist to help the many dogs that require assistance in healing. Patti soon discovered that the University of Tennessee had a certification program in Canine Rehabilitation. There, she pursued and received her certification in Canine Rehabilitation, and soon realized that she could build a career in a field that she was so passionate about. Just recently, The Canine Joint INC recently joined forces with Canine New England LLC, ( Foundation and Performance Training )Owner/Trainer  Lorraine Messier.

Patti loves her canine patients as much as her own canine family members, Charlie; 2 year old Labrador mix, Zoe; a 10 yr old English black lab, Zena; 9 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Blanche; a 15 yr old Pug. They are her inspiration!

Emily Perry BS, VT

Emily started off as an intern in the summer of 2013 at The Canine Joint and got hired soon after! She received her associates in Veterinary Technology in December 2013 from Becker College, and received her bachelors in Clinical Medicine with a concentration in Veterinary Science in the Fall 2014. Emily hopes to go to the University of Tennessee to complete the certification process to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. Her three-legged dog, Melody, is the mascot of the The Canine Joint, rolling around in her hot pink wheelchair.

Emily has always had a love for animals, and never knew it could be a career.

Ann Friedhofer, DVM

Dr. Ann Friedhofer is a graduate of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating from Cornell, she interned at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston. She worked at Angell for an additional 13 months then went into private practice. She currently is in the process of becoming a certified veterinary acupuncturist at the Chi Institute in Florida and will be offering acupuncture services in Fall 2018. She also donates medical services to NEADs, a local assistance dog organization. Dr. Friedhofer lives in Mendon with her family, 2 dogs and 1 cat. Her dog, Savannah (pictured) has been a patient at the Canine Joint for the past year, while she recovers from a severe disk herniation.

Nancy Smith, CVT

Nancy has been a Veterinary Technician for over 20 years at various clinics and hospitals in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan and Tennessee. Most recently she was hospital manager for a non-profit clinic/shelter in Massachusetts. Nancy has a 5-year old German Shepherd Dog and does lots of training with him. They compete in AKC Obedience and AKC tracking. They also have titles in IPO (Schutzhund) and train Agility. Through working with her dog in various sports Nancy started studying Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness to help keep her dog in optimal condition and prevent injury. Nancy lives in Tiverton with her dog and her 18-year old cat.

Lorraine Messier

Lorraine Messier’s interest in Fitness Training has been an evolution over years of training, mentoring, competing and learning.  She has been involved with APDT seminars/events, Karen Pryor Clicker training, on-line courses & recently certified as a Master Fitness Trainer®.   The Fitness Training works well with the cross-training routine she has created for her own dogs & has started expanding these techniques using the FitPaws® Program Design.

Lorraine’s experiences in performance sports, rescue, training & fitness is a true passion.  She has been competing & training in Flyball since 1998, becoming a NAFA Approved Judge in support of regional tournaments. Recently, Lorraine has provided successful training for dock diving with both novice jumpers & seasoned competitors.  The ability to build confidence, with an introduction to swimming in a pool & progression to jumping from the dock, is part of the fun every dog experiences.

Lorraine is also active in North American Treibball, Agility, & Disc Dog competitions.

As a hands-on Pet Dog Trainer for over 15 years, the ability to reach the dogs through their owners, allowed Lorraine to expand handling skills & teaching techniques to make training more fun & rewarding.  Fitness training works together with any activity a dog is doing, whether back yard or competitively

Michele Crerar PT, CCRP

Michele has been practicing as a human Physical Therapist for over 20 years after graduating from Northeastern University in 1993. She has worked in a variety of settings with her primary experience in orthopedics. In 2010, Michele adopted her 10 year old Min Pin Willum and became interested in working with dogs. She was excited to hear that she could become certified in canine rehabilitation. Michele completed courses for the University of Tennessee Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner certification program in July 2012. She looks forward to transitioning from human physical therapy to Canine Rehab.

Diane Macksoud, MSPT, CCRP


Diane brings extensive physical therapy experience to The Canine Joint. A 1991 graduate of Texas Woman’s University with both a B.S. and M.S. in Physical Therapy, Diane today has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She has worked in multiple clinical settings, including orthopaedics, SportsMedicine, neurology, home health and acute care. She took her first Canine Rehab class in 2001 in Canada. In 2014, she earned accreditation as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) from the University of Tennessee.

Kara St.Germain Hydro-Therapist

After finishing 8 yrs in the military with two tours in Iraq, Kara, was hired and trained as a Veterinary Technician in Rhode Island. She has lived with dogs her entire life. She had a Dalmatian named Dice growing up and after she passed, Kara was determined to help dogs live a healthy life. SInce then she has been rescuing and adopting out dogs, finding a loving home for a stray or unwanted pet is extremely satisfying. Eventually Kara wanted to go into a more holistic approach in the medical field.

In 2012 Kara had a son named Sebastien. She worked up until 2 1/2 weeks before having him, at a Vet hospital and as dog walker. One month before having Sebastien, her dog Anya tore her CCL (ACL equivalent) and needed surgery. Anya started physical therapy right away at The Canine Joint.
Kara has been giving water therapy and swim lessons and is training in rehabilitation hoping to go on and get her Certification in Canine Rehabilitation.

Kate Muldoon, VTA

Katie has been working with dogs since she was 12 years old. Her neighbor had a training facility that she would go to and help out until she was 17, then she started teaching some of the basic obedience classes. Katie knew from an early age that she would be working with animals. She has worked at Davis’ Farmland, Southwicks Zoo, a few kennels, and is now working in the veterinary field. Along the way Katie has also learned grooming and was a groomer for a few years. Katie currently also works at Tufts as well as The Canine Joint.

Katie enjoys spending her free time outside with her dogs and husband. Although Katie’s dog love to be outside all the time, they prefer the snow more than anything.