Emily Rinaldo, DPT

Emily received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 from the University of Hartford with a specialization in geriatrics and neurology. After competing as a nationally ranked gymnast and Div 1 NCAA athlete, Emily developed a special appreciation for athletics and rehabilitation in particular. When her oldest dog, Tango, a nationally certified narcotics detection and trailing k9 tore his CCL, she researched rehab facilities in the area. The Canine Joint was the front runner and she entrusted her k9 with their care. While there, she realized that she could use her passion of physical therapy not only for humans, but for her four legged friends as well. Emily’s athletic background combined with her love for her many dogs led her pursue a certification in Canine Rehab from the University of Tennessee. Along with Tango, Emily and her boyfriend have 6 dogs: Blitz, a 4 year old German Shepherd, Aspen, a 2yo German Shepherd, who are both nationally certified police patrol and trailing k9s, Ecko, a 3 yo German shorthaired pointer, who is a AMPWDA nationally certified human remains detection k9, Dixie, a 2 yo Bluetick Coonhound,who is training in search and rescue trailing and a 7 month old Aussie, Rosie, who is training to be an agility dog and therapy dog for her human patients. Emily and her boyfriend train working dogs at their farm in Massachusetts.