Lorraine Messier

Lorraine Messier’s interest in Fitness Training has been an evolution over years of training, mentoring, competing and learning.  She has been involved with APDT seminars/events, Karen Pryor Clicker training, on-line courses & recently certified as a Master Fitness Trainer®.   The Fitness Training works well with the cross-training routine she has created for her own dogs & has started expanding these techniques using the FitPaws® Program Design.

Lorraine’s experiences in performance sports, rescue, training & fitness is a true passion.  She has been competing & training in Flyball since 1998, becoming a NAFA Approved Judge in support of regional tournaments. Recently, Lorraine has provided successful training for dock diving with both novice jumpers & seasoned competitors.  The ability to build confidence, with an introduction to swimming in a pool & progression to jumping from the dock, is part of the fun every dog experiences.

Lorraine is also active in North American Treibball, Agility, & Disc Dog competitions.

As a hands-on Pet Dog Trainer for over 15 years, the ability to reach the dogs through their owners, allowed Lorraine to expand handling skills & teaching techniques to make training more fun & rewarding.  Fitness training works together with any activity a dog is doing, whether back yard or competitively