Patricia Tribou BS, PTA, CCRP

Patricia Tribou, proud owner of The Canine Joint (founded in 2010) , received her BS at Springfield College to teach Physical Education in 1984 before attending Newbury College and received an Associated degree in Physical Therapy in 1996. Patti specialized in CVA (strokes), amputation and Geriatric PT.

Patti’s love for animals, and her passion to help them, led her in a search to find ways that she could use her talents as a Human Therapist to help the many dogs that require assistance in healing. Patti soon discovered that the University of Tennessee had a certification program in Canine Rehabilitation. There, she pursued and received her certification in Canine Rehabilitation, and soon realized that she could build a career in a field that she was so passionate about. Just recently, The Canine Joint INC recently joined forces with Canine New England LLC, ( Foundation and Performance Training )Owner/TrainerĀ  Lorraine Messier.

Patti loves her canine patients as much as her own canine family members, Charlie; 2 year old Labrador mix, Zoe; a 10 yr old English black lab, Zena; 9 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Blanche; a 15 yr old Pug. They are her inspiration!