They brought my Babushe back to health!

Babushe my 12 year old ball of energy was limping. My heart was breaking. I was told that the condition untreated would result in him being unable to walk properly, squat and move his bowels and then lift himself. My best friend would become crippled. My heart was breaking. I had always done everything that I knew of to make his life a happy and healthy one. The vet suggested The Canine Joint. He said that they were reasonably priced and had heard good things about them. In tears I visited them. It has been the best decision I have ever made. With loving and professional care they have brought my Babushe back to health. They treated him like he is their own. The massage, laser and water therapy have allowed him to regain his confidence and pain free build up muscle where he  had lost it. He is walking up stairs where once he was crying for he couldn’t climb them. There is no way I can thank them for what they have done. Bring your dog to The Canine Joint. Try it you will be doing the best thing for you and your dog.

Providence RI