Why The Canine Joint?
 The Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners at The Canine Joint bring over 40 years of combined human physical therapy with specialties in neuro, orthopedic, athletic training, and amputation/prosthetics. We also have over 14 years of combined Canine Therapy. All therapists have gone through University of Tennessee’s Canine Rehabilitation program and have passed their rigourous testing to be certified as CCRP’s. This is the same course Veterinarians must also complete and pass  in order to do Rehabilitation on canines. In human PT clinics we get referrals from Medical Doctors first as we do not diagnosis and cannot treat without the approval of an MD since they know the patients medical history, diagnosis and prognosis best.  It is exactly the same when working with your beloved canine. We will ask for a referral from your Veterinarian who knows your pet the best and then evaluate and treat. We will then keep them updated on the progress of your canine and continue to inquire/communicate medical information in order to safely treat and get the most positive results. Along with the input of Veterinarians there will always be a minimim of two Physical Therapists involved in the care of your canine. We look forward to working along side your  canine’s personal veterinarian in a team approach!

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